WYAMZ Overview

The Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone Board of Directors has been formed and is proceeding to implement an air management zone in the west central region of the province. The WYAMZ area will be the second official air management zone in Saskatchewan and is in line with the directive from the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) under the Canada-wide Air Quality Management System (AQMS) that Canada will have regional Airsheds comprised of local (Provincial/Territorial) Air Management Zones.

The approach is designed to collect credible, continuous real-time air quality information through collaborative efforts. Proposed data collection includes continuous monitors located in the Cities of Saskatoon, North Battleford, and Lloydminster, with a passive network in the surrounding region.

Air Management Zones

Air management zones are a place-based approach to managing local air quality in Saskatoon, Lloydminster and North Battleford. As per the Canada-wide AQMS, provinces and territories are responsible to delineate and manage air zones within their boundaries. The goal in all air zones will be to drive continuous improvements in air quality. Through the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, the WYAMZ association has been formed in order to set up the air zone, establish a passive and continuous air monitoring network and create a fair and equitable invoicing structure. Funding for ongoing support of the air zone is achieved through its members.

An air zone association is intended to operate as an independent, collaborative non-profit organization of industry, government and other representatives for the purpose of collecting credible, continuous air quality data, and to communicate data and information to member organizations, the government, and the public. There are numerous benefits of participating in the air zone. Along with the positive impacts for the environment, the benefits of participation include:

  • Credible data that facilitate the management of regional air quality.
  • Shared program operating costs among emitting stakeholders.
  • High public trust high due to the open process and direct public involvement.
  • Access to real time air monitoring data via the Internet.
  • An effective forum for open discussion.
  • Opportunity to build relationships among stakeholders.
  • Opportunity to use the program as a tremendous public relations and education tool.

Board of Directors


Cory Laferriere – Agrium Potash (Board Chair)

Gerry Mooney – Akzo Nobel (Vice Chair)

Brad Sigurdson – Saskatchewan Mining Association

Phil Burry – Husky Energy Upstream (Treasurer)

Aaron Studer – Husky Energy Downstream


Darren Letkeman – Min. of Environment

Gary Ericson – Ministry of Economy


David Henry – Sask.Environmental Society


Brenda Wallace – City of Saskatoon

Rural Municipality representative – WYAMZ is currently seeking stakeholder organizations to represent this sector 


Shelly Kirychuk – University of Sask.


Dr. David Torr – Heartland Health Region

First Nations

WYAMZ is currently seeking stakeholder organizations to represent this sector


WYAMZ is currently seeking stakeholder organizations to represent this sector

General Public

WYAMZ is currently seeking stakeholder organizations to represent this sector

If you are interested in serving on the WYAMZ Board please contact the Executive Director.

Board of Directors

Front Row: Dan Gauthier, Brenda Wallace, Phil Burry, David Henry; Back Row: Shelley Kirychuk, Darren Letkeman, Gary Ericson, Gerry Mooney, Brad Sigurdson, Murray Hilderman.

Cory Laferriere

Board Chair ()

Cory Laferriere, grew up in northeast rural Saskatchewan and moved to Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan, attaining a BSc in Geographical Sciences. In pursuit of a career in the environmental sector, Cory relocated to Alberta and spent the next fifteen years in the oil in gas industry, providing environmental support as an Environmental Field Technician. Cory has taken employment with Agrium as an Environmental Coordinator with the Vanscoy Potash Operation which duties include the responsibility to maintain the facility license to operate and manage the continual site environmental improvement plans.

Gerry Mooney

Gerry Mooney

Vice Chair (Akzo Nobel Chemical Ltd.)

Gerry Mooney brings 35 years of chemical manufacturing experience, with a focus on Environmental Management and Community Engagement. He is a strong supporter of the collaborative approach to air quality management. He indicated that he is enthused to be part of a consensus based team which facilitates dialogue among regulators, public interest groups and industry while ensuring the availability of robust air quality data. As a member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), AkzoNobel is committed to Responsible Care® – CIAC's internationally recognized sustainability initiative.

Alternate: Salil Stendulkar (Erco Worldwide)

Phil Burry

Phil Burry

Secretary Treasurer (Husky Energy Upstream)

Mr. Burry is the Team Lead, Upstream Environmental Operations for Husky Energy, based in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Phil is a Professional Agrologist with approximately 15 years environmental management experience. He provides technical/regulatory support regarding air, water, waste, biophysical, spill and site remediation projects. Actively engaging key stakeholders is another key responsibility of his current position with Husky. He is very interested in furthering his understanding of regional air quality issues.

Brad Sigurdson

Brad Sigurdson

Member (Saskatchewan Mining Association)

Mr. Sigurdson is the Manager, Environment and Safety for the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) and he brings nearly 25 years of mining, industrial and government experience to this role; including working in both Canadian and U.S. mining operations as well as previously with the Ministry of Environment as Manager of the Potash and Central Operations Section. During his time with the Ministry of Environment he acted as the advisor to the Industrial Content Committee during the development of the Saskatchewan Environmental Code. Mr. Sigurdson has indicated that "It is a privilege to be a member of the WYAMZ Board and I really enjoy working with a group of individuals that are committed to working in a collaborative and cooperative manner with a common goal of ensuring excellent air quality in our Air Management Zone".

Brenda Wallace

Brenda Wallace

Member (City of Saskatoon)

Brenda has been with the City of Saskatoon as the Manager of Environmental Services since October 2010. Ms. Wallace has a background in urban planning, is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, and has workedas a professional community planner for twenty (20) years. Brenda spent 10 years in the economic development sector as Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Economic Developers Association (SEDA). Brenda also worked in the social field, involved in affordable housing and homelessness projects and planning while Executive Director for the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) for 8 years. She spent 3 years, prior to her work with the City, as Resource Planning Manager with the Meewasin Valley Authority where she managed the natural conservation program, heritage file, the development review process, and long-range planning. Her varied professional experience has helped her focus on 'triple-bottom-line' or sustainable thinking. Brenda is married to Alan and together they have 2 children aged 18 and 15.

David Henry

David Henry

Member (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)

David Henry has been an active member of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society since 2008. In 2007, he retired from his position as conservation ecologist for Parks Canada in the Yukon Territory. In that work, he developed an ecological monitoring program for each national park in the Yukon. He is presently an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary. In the past working with others, he coordinated the public campaigns that were instrumental in the establishment Grasslands National Park and the revision of Canada's National Parks Act.

Gary Ericson

Gary Ericson

Member (Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy)

Mr. Ericson is the Regional Manager of the Lloydminster Office of The Ministry of Economy and holds an AScT. Designation with the Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians. He graduated from Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in Saskatoon with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1979. He has over 34 years of oil and gas development experience and considered to be one of our Ministry's foremost heavy oil well development and production expert. Mr. Ericson has extensive experience in the upstream Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry relating to drilling, servicing, and production issues gained through his years as a field technician and a manager.

Shelly Kirychuk

Shelley Kirychuk

Member (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Shelley Kirychuk is a nurse and holds Masters and PhD Degrees in Preventative Medicine and occupational hygiene. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan's Department of Medicine in the division of the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture. Her research and extension activities focus on environmental epidemiology and more specifically respiratory exposures and respiratory health of occupational, rural and agricultural populations.

Darren Letkeman

Darren Letkeman

Member (Environmental Protection Branch)

Mr. Letkeman is an Environmental Protection Officer with the Industrial Branch of the Ministry of Environment and has been with the ministry since 1998. He has extensive regulatory experience in Northwestern Saskatchewan, and has worked with municipal, commercial, and industrial operations. Prior to working for the ministry, Darren worked 6 years as an Environmental Co-ordinator for an industrial wood processing facility.

Aaron Studer

Member (Husky Energy Downstream)

Aaron Studer joined Husky in 2004, currently leading a team of 5 environmental specialists tasked with maintaining environmental compliance at Husky's Downstream Assets in the Lloydminster area. Worked extensively in the environmental field for 6 years previous for an international environmental consulting firm.

Aaron's areas of experience include project and office management; all aspects of groundwater well installation, monitoring, sampling, and reporting, Phase I and II assessments; contaminated site remediation; and licensing, construction and commissioning of new facilities. He has technical experience in reclamation assessments, lease construction, drilling, service, and operations.

Kirk Hogarth

Alternate (Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy)

Dr. David Torr

Member (Heartland Health Region)

Terry Gibson

Terry Gibson

Executive Director

Mr. Gibson brings more than 30 years of Public Health/Environmental Health experience to the position. He has held the positions of President of the Saskatchewan Public Health Association and Vice-Chair of the Saskatchewan Epidemiology Association. He teaches Public Health Protection at the University of Saskatchewan Master of Public Health Program and has served on many provincial and national boards and committees. Terry is committed to working with industry and regulators in a consensus decision making process to ensure that the health of the environment is always protected.

Member Companies

The Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone would like to express our gratitude to our members in good standing for their support of WYAMZ, for their very strong support regarding quality air data collection, and for their commitment to the citizens and environment of Saskatchewan.

For information on how to become a member, please contact Terry Gibson, Executive Director at (306) 491 9198.